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History of Emerado 

When the railroad come to Emerado in 1882, a town began to take shape on the Hancock homestead.  The town site was platted in September 1885 by Henry Hancock,who located there from Exeter, Ontario, Canada, and by Lewis Emery Jr. from Bradford, Pennsylvania.  The village was named for Emery, owner of one of the first bonanza farms in North Dakota which consisted of 4,480 acres of choice land.  Although he never made Emerado his home, he built an imposing residence here.

Among the early businesses were Fred Ludwick and Henry Raymond, blacksmith.  Plup and Morgans grocery store, Emery Hotel, built about 1882, the Virginia Hotel, built about 1915 by A.A. Hood, Dakota St. Anthony Elevator, Farmers Elevator and Bill Hancock Hardware.

The first post office was established on Nov. 25, 1885.  The postmaster was Edmund Gale Jr.

The mill was built in the late 1890's by J.R. Cooper.  Other business places them were Gritzmacher general Store, Seebart Brothers painters and decorators, S.S. Hood General Merchandise, William L. Sibell, barber,Charles Emery Ford Car and International dealer, George dean Grocery, Fosnes Hardware and machinery, Ralph Bosard, blacksmith, S.S. Grantham Coop store, Mary Kelly cafe and the "Blind Pig" pool hall and barber shop operated by Nick Hickson.

Electricity came to the town in 1928-1929.

The little town thrived until a very windy day on May 9, 1928 when ashes cleaned out of a nearby locomotive ignited and the fire razed 24 structures, including the church, elevator, town hall, businesses and many homes and barns.  Only the church, elevator, hall and one home rebuilt soon after.

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Unofficial Emerado City Limits