Registered Sex Offenders

The following is information about the registered sexual offenders that live in Emerado, ND. 

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Risk Level 

Juan Ramon Hernandez 

High 211 Veitch St. N 21, Emerado, ND 58228

Travis Rodney Storeby

Low 206 6th St. Unit A, Emerado, ND 58228

Richard John Litzinger

Low 211 Veitch St. N30, Emerado, ND 58228 

Steven Arthur Pfeiff

Moderate 207 Veitch St. Apt. 3, Emerado, ND 58228

Jared Alan Rardin

Low 211 Veitch St. S18, Emerado, ND 58228

Kenneth Lee Dumarce, Jr.  

Moderate 211 Veitch St. N64, Emerado, ND 58228

James Vernon Tanke 

Low 211 Veitch St. S29, Emerado, ND 58228

Zackary Andrew Brown

Low 211 Veitch St. S2, Emerado, ND 58228

David Michael Pahl

Undetermined 207 Veitch St. Apt 12, Emerado, ND 58228


These offenders no longer live in Emerado:

John Edwin Gruszie

Moderate - MOVED HOMELESS - In Grand Forks, ND

Colton Maurice Anderson

Low - Moved Walhalla, ND

Click here for a map of offenders in Emerado:  Emerado Registered Offenders - Google Earth Map 

In case you are wondering why three of the above offenders are considered "Undetermined", it is because they had committed the offense out of state and have moved to ND.  It is then up to the ND Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) to determine their risk level.  Sometimes, however, it is not always easy to get information from other states, so it may take some time.

The fourth undetermined registrant is new to the sex offender registry and has yet to have a risk level assigned.

Should you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact the Emerado Police Department at 701-594-5100.  Please leave a voicemail with contact information if there is no answer. And of course, if it is an emergency, dial 911.