Police Department

Mission Statement 

The mission is the same for every law enforcement agency across the country, to “Serve and Protect”.  That also holds true for the City of Emerado Police Department, but it is also our mission to provide the citizens of Emerado, a quality of protection that surpasses all others and service unlike any other despite the challenges of being a small agency. 

Contact Information 

Dan Lund
Chief of Police
Ph# 701-594-5100
Fax# 701-594-3336


In an effort to make our city a little safer and cleaner, the City of Emerado and the Emerado Police Department is starting a Junk and/or Abandoned vehicle clean up initiative.  Should you receive a letter from the Emerado Police Dept., it is because you have been identified as potentially owning one of those vehicles, or you have a vehicle on your property that may be considered as junk or abandoned.

Below is a link to the City of Emerado ordinances that may apply.

Also, I will have a list of resources will be available should you want to get rid of your vehicle.  You make some money or if donated to a charity, you could get a tax deduction.

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Background Checks 


We are doing our best to keep everything up to date!  If there is anything you would like to see here, let us know! 


Emerado Police Department
PO Box 226
201 Main St.
Emerado, ND 58228